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By richmondelliott29, Apr 22 2014 04:57AM

Unless of course you have something in your life which you're completely, utterly and without a doubt obsessive about, then you're not likely living the kind of lifestyle with eccentric passion that you're supposed to live. Right now, before I am attacked on all sides by those who consider themselves to be way too reasonable or rational to be obsessed with anything, I would have you ask this trivial question. If you're simply gliding through life, pushing from one pointless mission to another, never having any reason to hop out of bed, absolutely no one to sleep in for later than you ought to with, and practically nothing which gets your hair standing up - and what's life anyways? I'm one that is completely obsessive about a lot of things. When I'm passionate about one thing I totally enjoy the the things that I do. I hope that by the end of this particular opinion piece, you'll discover your deep and dark obsession as well.

One of my obsessions will be reading, this has resulted in a profound lust for writing as well as the reason for this I believe is because it enables you to re-live past significant circumstances in your own life. Whatever you put to paper will survive far longer. Others will also benefit from your writing besides you alone. The article pieces you are writing permit individuals to experience a bit of you at their leisure regardless of how far ahead in the future. This doesn't bring in consideration eloquence or grammar-the bottom line is that you're immortalized by leaving behind bits of yourself and that is great. There's a saying which states that a picture is worth one thousand words. This really is somewhat resistant to the popular saying that a picture says 1,000 words. The stimulation effects of outstanding articles generally supersede pictures created by cameras, and permit readers to wander inside the periphery of great imagination. Their imagination may pick up the things which you've written and immediately translate them straight into clear images within their minds developing a seriously personal experience that you as the writer might by no means be able to experience reading the same article.

The significance of electronic device in our daily lives is most likely 2nd to none in the current revolutionary era of computing and technology. It was only in recent memory that people saw the fall of traditional handset and the rise of smart and all-capable mobile phones. But today, the beginning of wearable computing is appearing to be close to the horizon and it'll be here sooner than we're able to have thought. From Galaxy Gear's Smart watch to Google's glass. Who knows what is likely to come out next. Anyway, technology is definitely a big part of my life and I can't imagine a life without it.

Hence, only when you're in a position to wake your finest desire as well as lose yourself with it, which you will begin living a real life, one that's full of so much excitement and endless pleasure. You will enjoy just about every instant of your life and also live every last second satisfactorily whenever you realize your passions.

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